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Getting involved adds value to your education


College is more than just taking classes. At least it should be. It’s an opportunity to learn, explore, challenge yourself and others, grow intellectually and socially, broaden your horizons, prepare yourself for the work world, and perhaps most important, find yourself.

While some of that happens in the classroom, the entire college experience offers you so much more. But chances are an old saying fits here: “You only get out of it what you put into it.”

Mid Michigan Community College provides students with an array of activities aimed at helping students discover their passion or expand upon an existing one. There are currently more than 30 clubs operating on campus, some more active than others. In other words, there is literally something for everyone.

“Research has proven the more students are involved in student engagement activities and student groups, the more successful they are apt to be,” said Tammy Alvaro, coordinator of student advancement at MMCC. “Out-of-classroom learning and student engagement are critical components to student success.”

It’s a message Alvaro continues to hammer home to anyone who will listen as each new semester begins. And Fall 2015 is no exception.

All clubs on campus fall under the umbrella of Mid’s Campus Council. MC2, which sponsors, organizes and helps run student activities through the clubs. Here’s a rundown of some of what’s available:

  • MMCC’s  Phi Theta Kappa chapter of the International Honor Society is one of the most active and highly recognized chapters in the state. And membership often opens the door to student scholarships.
  • The athletics programs allow students to compete at the community college level or to cheer on Lakers teams from the sidelines. If formal sports are not your thing, how about some club activities like baseball, hockey or karate?
  • If you want to concentrate on your religious values, there’s F4ever Purpose or One Way Ministries, both clubs on campus.
  • Just out for some fun? How about the Pavement Pounders Car Club, the Street Performers Club, the Garden Club or Twisted Thistle Inn/Tabletop Gaming?
  • The International Students Organization was formed last year to tap into Mid’s growing population of international students, allowing all students to learn about different cultures.

But let’s not stop there. If you want to stick to your academic field, there are clubs for students in radiography, political science, sociology, physical therapy, journalism, nursing, early childhood and art — to name but a few.

Getting involved also provides the opportunity to meet new people and create potentially lasting friendships. According to Alvaro, who has been coordinating club activities at MMCC for seven years, “When students join clubs and groups, they grant themselves the opportunity to network and to build lifelong friendships.  When students are engaged on campus, they have a sense of school spirit and a stronger connection to the college.  This helps them build confidence, as they realize their potential through others.“

As the new semester begins, the clubs are gearing up with some events to help promote their groups and recruit new members.  The club days also are designed to help students expand their horizons and discover their passions by exploring all the unique cultures, engagement, networking and socialization opportunities that the various  student groups provide.

Alvaro has recently announced that this year’s theme is: “MMCC’s Motivation Nation – To achieve your dream, you must have passion, have drive and be willing to put the work into it!”  

“We want our students to focus on their ‘why.’  Why are they taking classes, what is their goal, what is their dream?” Alvaro said. “We want them to know they must have drive, passion and be willing to work hard to achieve those dreams.”

So take the time out of your busy early semester schedules to learn about all that Mid has to offer … and perhaps discover your “why.” Club day events will be held from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 23, in the Center for Student Services (CSS) Lobby in Mt. Pleasant. The events will be repeated from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 30, on the Harrison campus in the second-floor hallway.

Get the most out of your college days. Take a chance, explore your options. You might even learn something outside the classroom, make some new friends,  discover a new passion … and maybe even find yourself. Have a great semester!

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