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Convention experiences invigorate MMCC’s student leaders

Board members from Mid’s Campus Council (MC2) traveled to Louisville, Kentucky, last month to participate in the 2016 National Association of Campus Activities (NACA) national convention.

Board members with Mid's Campus Council enjoyed the Star Wars exhibit.

Board members with Mid’s Campus Council enjoyed the Star Wars exhibit.

The Feb. 20-24 event, titled “Imagine the Possibilities!”, featured more than 80 entertaining acts and showcases, as well as educational programming and workshops that provided students with opportunities to learn, network, laugh, sing, dance and just have fun.

Many of the showcases highlighted popular acts from YouTube, such as Todrick Hall and Anthem Lights, and television acts, including 2015 “America’s Got Talent” first-runner-up Drew Lynch, and contestants Cirque Zuma Zuma Dance company and hypnotist Chris Jones. Also present were Retta from “Parks and Recreation” and “Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce” and Jon Rudnitsky from “Saturday Night Live.”

Mid’s Campus Council  students were able to explore many new ideas and options to expand programming on campus. Their goal is to help students have an even greater experience at MMCC. At the Campus Activities Marketplace (CAMP) MC2 students had the opportunity to interact with agents and performers and brainstorm ideas on how to provide the best experiences for students.

MMCC student leaders share ideas at Louisville convention.

MMCC student leaders share ideas at Louisville convention.

Mid student Gavin Chupp described the convention as “an incredible experience.” Chupp noted that students had an opportunity to meet some amazing entertainers who eagerly shared their knowledge.

“I really enjoyed getting to meet all of these people who are just like us except they have some special talent that they have used to push them to where they are today,” Chupp said. “Perhaps inspiring is more of the word that describes the entertainers that we met.”

Student Josh Kiger echoed Chupp’s enthusiasm, calling the the event “amazing, spectacular and stupendous.”  

“We got to go to so many educational sessions, both good and sometimes a little unnecessary, but overall still very informative and something that I feel that I can take back to our group and use for future events such as the posting of events in ways that will reach people better or getting a better turnout for the actual events,” Kiger explained.

Students Sarah Kohler and Samantha Hall, who also traveled to the convention with advisor Tammy Alvaro, viewed the trip as educational as well as entertaining and recommended it to future student leaders. “Overall I think the experience was a unique one and students should be able to attend this conference,” Kohler said.


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