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MMCC honor society inducts 60 new members

Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society has inducted 57 new student members and three honorary members into the Alpha Omicron Omicron (AOO) Chapter at Mid Michigan Community College.

The induction ceremony was held Thursday, March 31.

Some of Phi Theta Kappa's new inductees

Some of Phi Theta Kappa’s new inductees

Students must earn a minimum 3.5 Grade Point Average and complete at least 12 credit hours at MMCC before being eligible to join.

An honorary member is a person who has rendered distinguished service to the local chapter or society. An honorary member also represents the ideals on which Phi Theta Kappa is based. They are of high character, intellectual ability and exhibit a level of accomplishment worthy of recognition within the society. Honorary members inducted into the AOO chapter include Scott Mertes, MMCC’s Dean of Liberal Arts; Maria Gross, Professor of Psychology; and Gene Schmidt, MMCC Director of Procurement Services.

Chartered in April 18, 1989, AOO is one of more than 1,285 chapters in the society. In their 26 years of existence, AOO members have grown to obtain the highest level of achievement — a 5 Star Chapter. Through chapter and individual projects, they have succeeded in serving the college and community.

Chapter president Sarah Kohler described AOO as a friendly, actively involved, community-oriented chapter.

“Phi Theta Kappa is the gateway to new opportunities, and new lifelong friendships,” Kohler said. “Our programs are designed to encourage students to interact with administrators to learn real world applications. Students also engage in activities that are designed to help create positive future community members.”

New MMCC student inductees include:

Pictured: PiRyan Klein (Plastics Engineering), Tyler Laporte (Automotive Technologies), Aryssa Hagen (Neuroscience), Elizabeth Whiteside (Physical Therapy Assistant), Marissa Ingram (Veterinarian Medicine), Jennifer Campbell (Graphic Design), Caitlyn Wilson (Physical Therapy Assistant), Kara Bourland (Accounting), Kilee Sommerville (Business Management), Paul Sleeseman (Automotive Repair),  Zach McBride (Criminal Justice), Christopher Dysinger (Criminal Justice, Accounting), Ian Clark (Chemical Engineer), Maeve Kuhlman (Athletic Training), Jason Mathews (Environmental Engineer), Bryan Cody (Business Communications), Aubree Hooper (Music Education), Eric Pierson II (Graphic Arts), Dillon Vannest (Undecided), and Chase Cassel (Wildlife Biology).

Not pictured: Kathryn Alchin, Donald Barcia, Lakin Boyer, Jordan Braun, Lauren Buck, Jennifer Bullard, Margaret Clark, Alexander Dysinger, Hilary Elmore, Haley Emerson, Jacklyn Evans, Paige Gould, Serena Hernandez, Samantha Hoffman, Richard Johnson, Jessy Kitzman, Kharizma Labinski, Britny Lange, Kristin Lovejoy, Katie Machuta, Alexander Matthews, Jessica Mikel, Heidi Minthorn, Mikhail Myles, Daphne Peck, Dillon Pringle, Ashley Randall, Abbie Richardson, Lorrin Rose, Cassandra Serio, Clarity Shea, Meigan Sian, Brandon Stressman, Alexis Strong, Drew Thurston, Pamela Vancuren and Natalie Yeager.


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