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MMCC’s honor society among top 100 in nation

Phi Theta Kappa honor society recently held its annual convention, Nerd Nation, in Washington DC. More than 3,800 people and over 500 of the society’s 1,285 chapters gathered to celebrate the mission of Phi theta Kappa, which is to recognize and encourage the academic achievement of two-year college students and provide opportunities for individual growth and development through participation in honors, leadership, service, and fellowship programming.

AOO at Nerd Nation

AOO at Nerd Nation

Mid Michigan Community College’s (MMCC’s) chapter, Alpha Omicron Omicron (AOO), was among those in attendance.

At the convention, Phi Theta Kappa recognizes outstanding achievements with the presentation of Hallmark Awards. Mid Michigan Community College’s chapter, Alpha Omicron Omicron, was recognized as one of the top 100 chapters in the nation. Tammy Alvaro, MMCC’s Chapter Advisor, also was recognized as one of 15 most distinguished advisors.

“NerdNation was so much greater than just a simple convention.  It was a gathering place for future leaders to make connections, improve their soft skills, and have fun,” saidAOO member Abby Averill. “I will never forget the experience and I imagine that next year, AOO will again be one of the chapters that gets called on stage to receive awards.”

Alvaro also offered praise for the convention and MMCC’s student leaders.

“The best moment for me occurred outside of the convention’s programming,” Alvaro said. “It happened at dinner—when the students determined that, regardless of whether they received formal recognition or not, they were proud of their work and having always supported one another toward their goals. It’s wonderful to get awards, sure, but it’s even better to work with students who embody the true definition of honor students.”

Conference speakers included Dr. Paul G. Stoltz, Director of the Global Resilience and GRIT Institutes; Katy Kay, BBC World News; and Lord John Eatwell, President of Queens’ College Cambridge, among others. Representing a wide range of experiences in global relations and politics, human rights, and diversity affairs, these speakers inspired conference attendees to understand and embrace their world in order to enact meaningful change.

“From amazing sights to large crowds of nerds, Nerd Nation was something to behold,” said Josh Kiger, AOO member. “We were able to learn new strategies through educational sessions that we will be able to pass onto the future leaders of our chapter.”

In its 26 years of existence, Chapter AOO has developed into one of the most active, community-oriented chapters in Phi Theta Kappa. It consistently obtains the highest level of achievement—5-Star chapter status.


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