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CMU and MMCC partner for student success

Central Michigan University and Mid Michigan Community College have announced the launch of the Chippewa Achieve Program — a collaborative student success agreement. The program will provide additional support and services for students who plan to transfer to CMU after completing two semesters at MMCC.

CMU President, George E. Ross (left), and MMCC President, Chris Hammond (right), after finalizing the new agreement

CMU President, George E. Ross (left), and MMCC President, Chris Hammond (right), after finalizing the new agreement

“Students are at the center of every decision we make as a university. That’s why we’re proud to partner with MMCC on this new program,” CMU President George E. Ross said. “No matter where a student chooses to attend school, finding an education path that best fits their goals and offers support through graduation is critically important to their success.”

The program is one of only a few partnerships in the nation that provides custom services and access to ease students’ transition between a two-year and four-year institution. Freshman at MMCC will live in CMU residence halls and get involved in student life on campus before transferring to CMU their sophomore year.

“We know that some students need additional time and support in order to show that they are ready to compete at the university level. This program offers an additional on-ramp to higher education,” said MMCC President Chris Hammond.

Custom advising services and academic support, including the development of an education plan, will be provided at both MMCC and CMU to ensure the smooth transition of credits from college to university. Once at CMU, advisors will continue working with students to support academic progress and guide them to any needed resources, such as tutoring. The opportunity to become immersed in campus life and plan ahead for their transfer between institutions is expected to help students navigate the college experience.

“It’s not only about getting students to CMU, MMCC or any other school, it also is about making sure they are given the tools and resources to be successful once they are here,” Ross said.

The first class of Chippewa Achieve Program students will begin in fall 2017. The university expects to accept as many as 50 MMCC students in the first year.



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