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Radiography Department modernizes, expands program

Mid Michigan Community College’s (MMCC) Radiography Department is expanding its offerings and improving its technologies.

Several recent equipment upgrades have modernized MMCC’s imaging labs, and a new CT (Computer Tomography) program is slated to launch next year.

Upgraded equipment will aid instruction

Upgraded equipment will aid instruction

LouAnn Goodwin, Director of Imaging Sciences at MMCC, said that the college is thankful for the grant funding and community partnerships, noting that more than $80,000 worth of new technology updates have been added.

“These changes will improve our students’ preparation for entry into their careers,” Goodwin said. “It’s incredibly important that students receive training on the most modern equipment so that they succeed in clinical roles.”

MMCC purchased a new phantom—a model human body used for simulations and assessments. Because federal regulations prohibit imaging human subjects on campus, the phantom allows students to perform radiographic positions and then take images to check for accuracy. The new transparent and poseable phantom is a significant improvement from the college’s previous, rigid model.

A functional, portable x-ray unit, the same model used in most of MMCC’s affiliated clinical sites, was purchased with Perkins Grant funding in June 2016. And, through a contribution by Jackson Prison, the college will receive a new C-Arm for its Radiography Program as well. Upon learning of MMCC’s need for a modern C-Arm, the prison agreed to donate a unit comparable to what is currently used in clinical sites.

“MMCC’s imaging programs continue to grow in popularity with students, and we pride ourselves on our student success rates,” noted Goodwin. “100% of our students who completed the program in May of 2016 are employed.”

Radiography also will be adding a new CT program in Fall of 2017 as a result of a recent needs analysis conducted by the MiRIS Consortium. The CT program curriculum is scheduled to be developed by early 2017 with a soft start to the program in Fall 2017. Anyone certified in Radiography will be eligible for the two-semester program.

For more information about MMCC’s Radiography program, visit midmich.edu/radiography or contact LouAnn Goodwin at lrgoodwin@midmich.edu or at 386-6646.


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